Core-Mark Curated is a start-up accelerator and incubation program aimed at identifying, nurturing, and developing the best brands for inclusion in our extensive distribution channel. The program is also a key component of the company's Center of Excellence, a facility that enables convenience retailers to immerse themselves in the retailing experience and drive innovative ideas, products, and solutions to grow their businesses. With Core-Mark Curated, we’re uncovering and stewarding the best and brightest new products that can help differentiate our customers in a highly competitive marketplace. If selected, brands will have the opportunity to network with Core-Mark leaders, buyers, sales managers, and corporate merchandisers and gain valuable insights into the convenience store landscape while presenting their products for potential distribution partnerships.
In 2020, we launched Core-Mark Curated and received more than 100+ submissions from emerging start-up brands in a variety of categories that did not have a presence in the convenience store retail space. In 2023, we continued the program, and after a selection process, we invited 10 lucky brands to pitch their products to be included in our Core-Mark Curated winning line up! Congratulations to these wonderful brands that represent quality products and innovation for retailers and consumers.