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Omni combines the tradition of highly caffeinated Vietnamese coffee with modern brewing science to deliver the world's first, authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee. Brewed and bottled in California, we grow and sell our coffee, from farm to bottle. Our premium beans are grown on mineral-rich volcanic soil in the highlands of Dalat Vietnam. Coffee plants grown in the highest regions above 4,500ft where the oxygen is thin produces denser beans with more concentrated flavors. We harvest the coffee from our family farm in Dalat, Vietnam.


Tony Lam's approach to his work is just as much about instinct as it is about structure. He earned his chops in the food and beverage space through sweat, long hours, and a visceral desire to succeed. He owns and operates five Wingstop restaurants with a staff of more than 100.
Through his success, he discovered another rising gem in the industry: Mavens Creamery, a disruptor in the frozen desserts that has doubled sales year over year for the past 3 years. They’ve gone from a humble in-home enterprise to now working with more than 300 retail grocery chains and food services. And, recently, they were featured on Shark Tank. Tony achieved success through intelligent marketing experimentation and having the right sales conversations with the right people, at the right time.


Experience authentic Vietnamese coffee in a bottle. Good Morning Saigon coffee is an aromatic blend of bold and intense flavors, sweetened with condensed milk, making it a delicious treat. Packed with over 3X the amount of caffeine than your average cup of coffee. Power through your day strong with Omni highly caffeinated Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee.


Skip the coffee lines, and save the calories. Every batch of our Cold Brew starts with carefully selected Vietnamese Blend beans with our signature roasting technique to offer a bold, smooth and never bitter coffee in a bottle. Our Black cold brew coffee delivers the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee at zero calories. It's low acidity, never bitter, and unsweetened are just what you need for the perfect pick-me-up.


Not all plant-based coffees are created equal. Grab a bottle of our exotic blend of Vietnamese coffee with a splash of coconut cream. Our Plant-Based Coconut Cold Brew Coffee is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, ultra-smooth, low in calories and highly caffeinated. Our 10 oz bottle is 2.5 x the caffeine than a cup of coffee.


Our smooth Coconut Matcha cold brew is blended with creamy coconut milk, and premium Ceremonial Grade Japanese matcha lending itself to a gentle nutritional blend. A perfect balance of velvety smoothness and light creaminess into a deliciously caffeinated perfection with every sip, in the convenience of a bottle. Clean coffee with bright flavor notes and a smooth finish on your palate.