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Cheers is the #1 alcohol recovery supplement brand in the U.S., making science-backed products that support your liver & help you feel better after drinking. Our innovative line of capsule products are high-value, incremental, impulse purchases for anyone who drinks alcohol and experiences alcohol-related need states — a demographic that includes half of American adults and roughly 145 million people. Cheers is on a mission to advance smarter & healthier drinking for fun, responsible adults and envisions a world where everyone can enjoy alcohol throughout a long, healthy, & happy life.

RESTORE: After-Alcohol Aid

Support your liver and feel better tomorrow. Restore is an After-Alcohol Aid designed to support your liver & help you feel better the day after drinking. Simply take 3 capsules after your last drink & let it work while you sleep. Our patented formula contains industry-leading amounts of dihydromyricetin (DHM), cysteine, and other liver-supporting ingredients, which work together to help your liver process acetaldehyde (the toxic by-product of alcohol) & help your brain receptors recover from GABA rebound. These two factors are the primary reasons you don’t feel great the next morning. Fun fact: Restore is our best-selling product that we went on Shark Tank with!

RELIEF: Next Morning Aid

Feel closer to 100% the next day. Relief is a Next Morning Aid designed to help you bounce back the day after drinking & feel closer to 100%. Just take 3 capsules the morning after responsible drinking, ideally with water & a meal. Relief is a smarter, safer, and more efficacious alternative to the “hair of the dog” method. Our formula contains 1,000mg of ginger to help your stomach, 500mg of white willow bark (std. to 50% salicin) to help your head, and 50mg of caffeine + 100mg of l-theanine to help your energy levels while minimizing the jitters that caffeine can cause. Restore & Relief can be taken separately or together as a system. For best results, take both Restore at night & Relief the next morning.