Meet Core-Mark Curated2024 Exclusive Brand:


Gnubees offers smoothies for everyone! At Gnu Santé, we are dedicated to putting consumers and the environment before bottom lines. Our Gnubees products use simple, healthy, non-GMO ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, and formulated to deliver specific nutritional benefits with only the highest quality ingredients. All natural. Clean ingredients. No empty calories. All the good stuff. Only 9-12g of sugar per pouch. Gnubees™ beverages are “shelf stable” which means they don't require refrigeration and don’t spoil as long as the pouch is sealed.


Gnubees are the ideal choice to keep your little one fueled and focused throughout the day. With their delightful flavors and easy-to-sip pouches, they're a hit with kids of all ages! Mango Tango, Rockin’ Raspberry & Go Bananas


Pouches aren't just for kids anymore. From ages 9 to 99, enjoy the convenience and nutrition of our delicious flavours. We love seeing Gnubees being enjoyed by all ages. Strawberry Wise, Tropical Unstoppable, Grape Aspirations & Lemon Limelight