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Setting a new standard for better-for-you snacks. The Daily Crave was launched in May of 2012 with a vision of creating delicious, better-for-you snacks that are gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO. The crunchy, wholesome, and guilt-free snacks are packed with flavor for the entire family to enjoy. The Daily Crave line of snacks includes Lentil Chips, Quinoa Chips, Veggie Chips, Veggie Sticks, Beyond Churros, and their newest offering, Crunchy Fries.


Launched in 2017, our Quinoa Chips have grown to be the fastest-growing Quinoa Chips across the US. Crowned the “Most Innovative Product” by the National Confectioners Association at the 2017 Sweets and Snacks Convention, these crunchy, dippable, protein–packed chips are the perfect snack for any occasion. Available in unique flavors like Bourbon BBQ and Gouda Romano, enjoy these tasty quinoa chips with your favorite dip, charcuterie platter, or on–the–go snack.


The tasty, crunchy, and dippable Lentil Chips are available in five enticing flavors and are powered by 4g of plant-based protein per serving. Proving to be another delicious hit, they are now the bestselling chips in their category.


The Daily Crave's Veggie Chips are perfect for dipping and perfect for the whole family! Enjoy simple ingredients in this crispy, crunchy snack. Our Veggie Chips have only 180 mg sodium per serving, no trans fats, and no cholesterol. Go ahead and give in to your cravings!


The Daily Crave Veggie Straws entertain your mouth and your brain. Whether flavored or Organic, these wholesome snacks are a family favorite for any occasion.


Beyond Churros™ are decadent churro-style treats made with revolutionary grain-free, gluten-free, vegan ingredients that pack 4g of plant-based protein per serving. Four delicious flavors include Original Cinnamon, Coconut, Salted Caramel & Double Chocolate. They are crunchy and filled with a creamy non-dairy chocolate filling - the perfect sweet bite with only 5g of sugar per serving to satisfy your cravings.


“Always crunchy, never soggy.” Made with the best, high quality, non-GMO potatoes, our new Crunchy Fries will remind you of your favorite fast food French fry, but without all the added bad stuff! What about frozen fries? SAY GOODBYE! Eliminate the need to stuff your freezers and preheat your ovens. These ready-to-eat crunchy fries are the perfect side dish to any entree, dip or sandwich!