Let’s Go Yogurt is a shelf-stable probiotic yogurt that has been pelletized and intended to be consumed as a tasty snack. The probiotic constituents that are added during the creation of Let’s Go Yogurt remain intact after the process is completed. A natural yogurt that goes through a proprietary process that retains all of yogurts’ natural pro-biotic health benefits.


Michael Stauffer

My name is Mike, I am one of the 2 founders of Get Silly Ice Cream. !2 years ago we introduced a unique ice cream novelty product with our partner Kemps Dairy. The product is called IttiBitz. The only nationally distributed Dot Ice Cream , We believe that our Let’s Go Yogurt is a category disrupter with huge upside potential as a healthy snack that taste great and melts in your mouth.

Let’s Go Yogurt

Probiotic Yogurt Requires No Refrigeration  and has a 2 year shelf life.

Silly Cryo Probiotic Yogurt provides the many benefits of yogurt, without the required refrigeration of traditional yogurt.